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Starting Flash!

2009-06-30 11:56:46 by Osmannyness

I'm gonna start making some flash games/ OR flash movies which ever one is easier for me, i just got Adobeflash Cs4.
I hope you guys will like my future work.

Look at this sexy thang!

Starting Flash!


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2009-06-30 13:33:17

Cool, staring flash eh?
A little tip, check out the Newgrounds FLASH section, I believe it tells you how to use flash and to upgrade it.
Here is the link: (copy and paste into browser)

Best of luck to you and learning flash.
P.s watch out for the Newgrounds trolls (bad guys), they are pretty nasty.

Osmannyness responds:

Hey thanks alot there bud :)
Those tuts looks interesting.
And i will watch out for those trolls 0.o


2009-07-01 15:48:24

hey dude saw your comment on my song. CANT BELIEVE I GOT INTO BEST OF THE WEEK! anyways glad to help you find the song you needed.

Osmannyness responds:

Congratz on that! :D
And thanks alot.


2009-07-01 18:16:31

Hey when it says you don't have Flash it means the plug-in not the program. Why the hell would a Flash movie need the Flash program for it to play.

Osmannyness responds:

Yea i know i figured it out xD
Wish i could delete reviews =P


2009-07-01 23:12:52

cool dude .. its sweet you got flash payer .. i wish i had it or else id make games to lol

good luck man ..

Osmannyness responds:

Thanks for the luck! ^_^


2009-07-02 02:00:35

Oh and about your decision whether you should go doing movies or games, let me just say this: if you've never ever scripted before I would say that you should go with movies. You probably need at least one year's learning actionscript (and if you are, make sure to go AS 3.0) to make a halfway decent game.

Osmannyness responds:

Yea but there are no as 3.0 tutorials around =/
i know basic scripts like stop(); and on(); and so on but thats pretty much it.


2009-07-13 04:09:31

Well, as 2.0 isn't so bad, it's just outdated is all. I still use AS 2.0, but I'm trying to transition to 3.0. If you can afford Adobe Flash CS4, then I'm pretty sure you can afford a few books. Here's a couple AS 3.0 books:

Learning ActionScript 3.0: A Beginner's Guide
by Rich Shupe

Essential ActionScript 3.0
by Colin Moock

ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University
by Gary Rosenzweig

Foundation Actionscript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move!
by Keith Peters

ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook: Solutions for Flash Platform and Flex Application Developers (Very Advanced, don't buy it until you've got a solid understanding of Actionscript 3.0, there's a good chance you'll never need this book)
by Joey Lott

The thing is you probably won't be able to find these in your local bookstore unless the bookstore has a REALLY extensive collection of books. These can all be found on Amazon and eBay (for very good prices, I might add). I do suggest you read the reviews before you buy anything.


2010-01-19 22:53:27

Hope you start soon